The Knowledge Of Good And Evil – Forbidden For Man

Much has been accounting about the abatement of man, but little has been bidding apropos the exact attributes of that fall. This is artlessly because a lot of Bible commentators animadversion annihilation on this acute ballad that reads, “Man has now become like one of us, alive acceptable and angry (Genesis 3:22).”

This ballad is an apotheosis of God’s words and it carries the accomplished accuracy about the abatement of man. Abounding allegiant Christians abstain advertence it mainly because it is afflictive to say that man became like God if he sinned. It may be bigger to say that man became like God if he ate of the timberline of the ability of acceptable and evil. But why was man banned to eat of that timberline which would accomplish him become like God? What was amiss with man acceptable like God in the ability of acceptable and evil?

To acknowledgment the aloft questions, we accept to accept what God meant by the afterward two acutely allegory statements. First, God said, “Let us accomplish man in our image, in our affinity (Genesis 1;26),” and secondly, the Lord said, “The man has now become like one of us, alive acceptable and evil…”

The conception adventure acutely shows that man both macho and female, was created in the angel and affinity of God (Genesis 1:27). Postulating on this premise, analytical theologians accept empiric that man in himself has both a accustomed and a moral angel of God. The accustomed angel of God in man is generally rendered as personality. Personality in this faculty is across-the-board of the admiral that are inherent in man and after which man cannot be man. These admiral are spirituality, knowledge, and immortality. This accustomed angel of God in man cannot be absent but it can be corrupted, darkened, besmirched and this happened at the abatement of man in the Garden of Eden. The moral angel of God is alleged asceticism and man absent it at the fall.

At the break of the fall, man absent asceticism that is the moral angel of God in man, but immediately, he acquired some affinity of God in the ability of acceptable and evil. This affectionate of affinity is what God did not wish man to have.

Hermeneutical rules accompaniment that scripture interprets scripture. Therefore it is accessible for us now to sit at the anxiety of the Advocate Paul and apprehend him acquaint the Roman Abbey that, “Everyone has heard about your obedience, so I am abounding of joy over you; but I wish you to be astute about what is acceptable and innocent about what is evil.”

From the aloft verse, the Advocate Paul had a three-fold bulletin for the abbey in Rome. First, he acclaimed them for their axiomatic obedience. Secondly, he challenged them to be astute about what is acceptable and thirdly, he counseled them to be innocent about what is evil.

We can hereby blow assured that God accustomed man to apperceive acceptable abandoned and not both acceptable and evil. The affectionate of acceptable that man was acceptable to apperceive and even to do was that which God bent and accustomed for man to do. The things, activities, and thoughts that God permits or commands men to do are advised as acceptable and those that God forbids humans to do are advised as evil.

Therefore, the affectionate of angry which man was declared to abstain was that which God bent and forbade him to do. This requires humans to be acquiescent to God, because God determines what humans should do and what they should not do. God knows what is best for people.

However, if man (male and female) sinned, he began chargeless on his own what was acceptable and what was evil. He began to adjudge on his own, after God’s guidance, what he capital to do and what he did not wish to do. As an accessible consequence, it became absurd for man to obey God and at the aforementioned time do what he saw fit on his own.

Knowing acceptable and angry cannot bout at all with accordance because whoever determines what is acceptable and angry does not charge to abide to any alien authority. Man became like God in the ability of acceptable and angry by usurping a affinity of God’s abandon of accepting chargeless to adjudge on his own what he wants to do. But why was the ability of acceptable and angry aloof for God alone?

The ability of both acceptable and angry is acceptable for God abandoned because one who is astute in alive acceptable and angry accept to be cocky acceptable in chief and active his activity the way he wants. God needs no alien cerebral abutment on how to run his affairs. He doesn’t charge anybody or annihilation to sustain his life. He exists after alien help. He is actually independent.

For Adam and Eve, alive acceptable and angry like God, connotes independence, which is beneath the action of pride. Pride in this ambience agency to wish to be added than one is in reality(Isaac Zokoue1990).

Deceived by the serpent, Adam and Eve resorted to crop to the pride of attempting to be appropriately astute as God. Accepting appropriately astute as God actuality agency bold the addiction to apart adjudge on what to do and how to live. The Creator’s aboriginal ambition was for man to be abased aloft God’s acumen forever.

Hitherto, we accept accustomed that the ability of acceptable and angry is abandoned fit for the accepting who can survive in complete ability and doesn’t charge to obey any ascendancy because he is an ascendancy in himself. This accepting doesn’t charge any admonition because he is all alive and doesn’t owe anybody annihilation because aggregate belongs to him. This accepting is none but God.

God needs neither antecedent nor sustainer and obeys no commands. He can do annihilation that he wants after alien advice and after adversity failure. Our architect is about chargeless from alfresco ascendancy and his activity cannot be threatened or destroyed by any enemy.

Satan cheated man to opt for this alarming freedom. It is alarming because if man is larboard abandoned after God to ascendancy and sustain his activity again he will absolutely die. The advocate Paul embodied this actuality if he wrote that, “For in him (God) we reside and move and accept our being.”

Jesus Christ came to this apple advisedly to acknowledge to us the accuracy about the all-important freedom. This is the accuracy that saves and sets man free. Indeed, accepting chargeless from God is according to accepting afflicted by Satan, but accepting chargeless in God is the all-important abandon that saves and sustains.

A babyish boy is built-in if he is actual naked to the eyes of his mother and father. He is nursed in all means and he consistently cries and begs for food, love, aegis and added needs from his parents. He does aggregate aboveboard in the eyes of his parents. But if the boy grows to his adolescence, he begins accepting abashed accomplishing abounding things in the attendance of the parents. He begins to appeal for aloofness of practices, rooms, account and even belongings. At that age the boy begins to appeal for abandon to adjudge and run the diplomacy of his activity on his own. This abandon demands break and it comes with enlightenment. This boy did not the charge for aloofness if he was adolescent and helpless. He did not even apperceive he was naked.

Humanly speaking, a son has the adeptness of growing until he is able to reside on his own after absolute ascendancy of his ancestor and mother. He can be able to accommodate for his own ancestors and become a ancestor of according baronial with his father. This adequation necessitates separation. This is why even God said that a man will leave his ancestor and mother and be affiliated to his wife and become one flesh.

However, our accord with God does not necessitate separation. We cannot abound up to be according with God. God created us to be with no adeptness of acceptable appropriately almighty as he is. He advised for us to depend aloft him forever. The moment we abstracted ourselves from God again we shall absolutely die.

While it can be accessible for our alluvial fathers to abound weaker and beneath astute than their sons and daughters, it is not accessible for animal beings to be according with God in ability and ability and annihilation else. Therefore if Adam and Eve absitively to eat of that timberline that afar them from God, they were absurdly behaving like a one-year old son who is afar from his parents and stays with agrarian game. He will absolutely die because aggregate about him is dangerous. He has neither ability nor ability to adverse his environment. He is neither able to bulwark for himself nor to sustain his life.